Exceptional Mobile Apps

Results Direct’s apps engage members, power events, and generate revenue. The Engagefully app enables year-round engagement, Eventsential supports multiple events in a single app, and our Custom Apps provide business tools and facilitate advocacy. Our in-house developers build native apps for iOS and Android.  

I can't tell you how excited we are about the app! Even the "OMG-I-Can't-Do-Tech" crowd is going to have a hard time not loving it.

Paul Deal, SCOE

I’ve used quite a few conference apps, and they were nothing compared to Eventsential.

Chris Champion, IPWEA

I keep hearing rave reviews from everyone using the app!

Kim Spillane, CESSE
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About Results Direct Mobile

Results Direct Mobile works with more than 200 customers across the country and around the world. Our mobile apps have powered events in more than 20 countries including the US, Canada, Great Britain, China, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

    • Tip Sheet

    5 Event App Must-Haves

    The mobile event app that you choose should include features that will make your attendees' event and overall member experiences more successful -- and your job easier. Download "5 Event App Must-Haves" to ensure that your app is the best choice.

    • Event

    See Our Apps at These Events

    Eventsential and Engagefully are proud to be the official apps for October 4 VSAE Fall Conference, October 9 Association Palooza VI, October 31 MemberWise Digital Excellence, and November 5-8 Higher Logic Super Forum.

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    Preview Engagefully

    The Engagefully app extends engagement beyond your events by providing personalized and relevant content and facilitating networking and action. View this 45 second video to see why Engagefully is the future of member engagement.

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    Preview Eventsential

    The Eventsential app makes your events extraordinary, generates revenue, and makes you look good. View this 40 second video to see why Eventsential is the preferred app for more than 200 organizations -- and why it should be yours.