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  • Mobile Event App
  • Makes Your Events Extraordinary
  • Generates Revenue for Your Organization
  • Makes You Look Good
  • Event Dashboard

    Conference and meeting attendees can view their custom schedule, reminders, and event Twitter stream.
  • Phone-Slider-Timeline
  • Activity Timeline

    Conference and meeting attendees can post comments and photos to the timeline and comment on other photos or comments.
  • Itinerary Builder

    Conference and meeting attendees can search sessions, create a custom schedule (include appointments), and share their schedule.     
  • phone-slider-Notebook
  • Notebook

    Conference and meeting attendees can take session and exhibitor/sponsor notes and share their notebooks.
  • phone-slider-Resources
  • Session Resources

    Conference and meeting attendees can view and download session presentations and handouts.
  • phone-slider-Profile
  • Social Profiles

    Conference and meeting attendees can create profiles to locate and message other attendees, post to the event timeline, and sync their itineraries between mobile devices.
  • Direct Messaging

    Conference and meeting attendees can send and receive private messages from other attendees within the app.
  • Exhibitors

    Conference and meeting attendees can search exhibitors, view exhibit hall maps, create a custom itinerary, and take notes.
  • phone-slider-Map
  • Maps

    Conference and meeting attendees can view floorplans, exhibit hall maps, and city maps.
  • phone-slider-Notifications
  • Notifications

    Conference and meeting attendees can view important announcements and push notifications.
Event Mobile App

Eventsential Features

Event Dashboard
Activity Timeline
Itinerary Builder
Session Resources
Social Profiles
Direct Messaging
Attendee Evaluations

Take a Tour

Take a tour of the Eventsential app with this interactive demo — without having to download it to your mobile device. Tap or click your way around the app (all buttons and areas are active).

Reasons to Choose Eventsential

100% Control

You control all aspects of your app in real-time: branding, navigation, features, and content

Full Support

Your back office admin portal includes help videos, tip sheets, and comprehensive marketing resources to help you promote your app

Generates Revenue

You can pay for your app many times over with rotating ad spaces, sponsorships, featured exhibitors, and promoted posts

360 Engagement

Your app facilitates connections before, during and after your events

Fully Integrated

Eventsential is scalable and integrates fully with your AMS and other 3rd party systems

Personalized Experience

Your attendees can customize their itineraries, profiles, and networking to make the most of their event experiences


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